Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Money

Invest in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies and protect your Bitcoin investment with an encrypted bitcoin wallet


Open source P2P money

Bitcoin is an innovative payment network with no central authority or banks – managing transactions and issuing bitcoins is carried out by the decentralized network.

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Buy and sell digital currency

With $6bn+ worth of digital currency exchanged, Coinbase is the world’s most popular way to buy and sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

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Ledger Wallet

Cryptocurrency hardware wallet

Ledger Wallet is a cryptocurrency hardware wallet which connects to any computer via USB and a built-in OLED display to confirm transactions with a single tap.

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VPN Services

Anonymous, safe, fast and reliable VPN services from the most trusted companies

Private Internet Access

The most trusted name in anonymous VPN

Protect your privacy and identity online. Leave NO digital footprint. Enjoy ALL of the net with fast multi-gigabit VPN tunnel gateways, worldwide. Connect 5 devices simultaneously.

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Surf Easy VPN

Ultra fast VPN you can trust

Easy-to-use, personal privacy solution. Protect your online privacy, unblock the internet, and surf safely on any device from any location – all on a no-log network.

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Safer VPN

The Simplest and Fastest VPN

Protect your privacy, secure your data and access any website with a single click. Engineered for fast connection speeds with easy to use apps for devices.

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Identity Protection

Protect yourself, your identity and your family from ransomware like WannaCry and other malicious attacks from cybercriminals

Spoof Card

Disguise your phone number and voice

Call any number without ever displaying your real number. Disguise your voice, send calls to voicemail, and record calls. It’s quick, easy and works on every phone.

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Identity Force

Protect your identity, privacy and credit

Identity Force protects you against identity theft. If a criminal uses your information illegally, you’ll know. Identity Force also helps restore any damage that is done.

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The most powerful data erasure tool

WipeDrive for Mac OS, Linux, and Windows is the only data destruction solution software that has been successfully evaluated to the EAL4+ Standard.

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Online backup, cloud and hybrid server backup

Protect personal and business data from data loss. Carbonite Computer Backup gives you peace of mind knowing your files and photos are backed up safely to the cloud.

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Protect your online identity

Create unlimited virtual end-to-end encrypted email addresses and protect your personal information from marketers, phishing attacks, identity theft and more.

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Abine Inc.

The ultimate privacy app

Protect your passwords, email, phone, and credit cards in just a few clicks. Keep organized and lets you control who gets your private information.

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Identity Guard

The most comprehensive monitoring

The only identity protection company offering all 3 credit bureau reports and covering stolen funds up to $1 Million on all plans.

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