With today’s existence of NSA spying and corporate snooping, another cell phone tries to shield clients’ information from prying eyes. Mike Janke, a previous Navy SEAL expert marksman, established an Android-based cell phone called Blackphone, which monitors security – Visa data, contact records, messages — in ways run of the…Read More

A telephone utilizes more power the further away it is from a cell tower as it tries to associate. Android telephones can be followed without utilizing their GPS or wi-fi information by considering their energy use after some time, a study has found. A cell phone utilizes more power the…Read More

1.) Tor Tor is free programming that grants clients to veil the area of their web association so as to maintain secrecy and oppose oversight. Tor can be introduced as a product bundle or as a stand-alone program. Utilizing a procedure called “onion steering,” Tor diverts Internet activity through different…Read More

Keep your home and office protected with the latest security systems and gadgets Our home is our castle, but most of us don’t have a moat surrounding it for protection. But there are a number of products and systems available on the market which can help secure your home, your…Read More

The main criticism of Bitcoin is that there are not enough places available to spend them. You would be right in thinking that you’d probably get a bizarre reaction in many shops on the off chance you offered an invisible piece of cryptographically-coded information at the checkout rather than a…Read More

Financial privacy can be complicated these days… …So we made a privacy-focused website offering a variety of financial (and other) solutions so you can protect your privacy and security. Over the last 15 years we have seen a number of new initiatives clamping down on offshore havens and financial privacy…Read More

As serious privacy seekers and self-confessed app lovers, we’re always on the look out for the latest app releases to improve security and privacy. As our digital footprints continue to grow, we must be privacy-conscious in all of our actions. We should always be thinking about our privacy and security;…Read More

The web is an amazing stage where users can share furthermore isolate a wide variety of information. The net is a framework that engages customers to accomplish predominant regard and organization by exchanging data. In the blink of an eye more than ever, our propelled impressions are experiencing exponential advancement….Read More